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Product information

Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner


Frequent use to help prepare and hydrate damaged, dry and tired hair.

  • Description
    Designed for frequent use, this two-in-one formulation has moisturising properties that help repair and hydrate damaged, dry and tired hair resulting from an active lifestyle. It removes impurities and replaces them with natural ingredients, minerals and essential oils, including ginseng and gingko, leaving your hair silky, shiny and in first-class condition.
  • Benefits
    • Removes impurities, replacing with natural minerals and essential oils
    • Leaves hair silky and shiny without frizz
    • Natural extracts moisturise and condition without weighing down hair
  • Key ingredients
    • Seaweed and Dead Sea salt increase elasticity and add proteins, minerals, mineral salts and vitamins to hair.
    • Aloe vera and ginseng extract condition the scalp and prevent dry skin
    • Coconut oil promotes hair volume
    • Silica Serum conditions the hair and prevents loss of water, making the hair feel soft and smooth
  • Usage
    Squeeze a small amount into hand and distribute through wet hair, massaging into a lather. Invigorate scalp by rubbing shampoo into the roots and scalp. Rinse out well.