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Product information

Daily Facial Scrub


A volcanic rock and willow bark exfoliant scrub cleanser.

  • Description
    This cleansing exfoliator, a Shortlist Magazine Product of the Year finalist, contains extracts of pumice and willow bark to unblock pores and remove accumulations of excess oil and skin impurities. Ideal for shave preparation, it raises and softens hair stubble. Fragrance-free and perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Benefits
    • Removes dead skin cells, pollutants and accumulations of excess oil
    • Prepares skin and facial hair for shaving by softening and raising stubble
    • Suitable for sensitive skin and free from fragrance, it gently cleanses and cools the skin and locks in natural moisture without leaving skin dry
  • Key ingredients
    • Volcanic pumice, willow and neem bark exfoliate, remove dirt and prevent blackheads
    • Menthol acts as an anti-inflammatory, circulation stimulator and cooling balm for the skin
    • Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and is a vital nutrient to repair tissue and promote healthy skin
  • Usage
    Wet your face with warm or hot water, squeeze a 50p amount into your palm and rub your hands together to spread evenly. Vigorously rub into face, targeting shave areas and areas with excess oil accumulation. Wash off with warm/hot water, pat dry using a towel.