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Product information

Daily Facial Moisturiser


Use daily to protect against dryness, and invigorate and nourish skin.

  • Description
    Use daily to relieve dryness and replenish essential nutrients and moisture lost through dehydration, exposure to the elements and shaving. Boosts skin with vital vitamins and minerals essential for the skin’s protective barrier, improves skin smoothness and corrects early skin ageing. Fragrance free and perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Benefits
    • Replenishes nutrients, minerals and essential oils lost through shaving and daily exposure to the elements, without shine
    • Creates a barrier to pollutants, locking in moisture yet repelling toxins and pollutants
    • Stimulates circulation to skin cells, conditions and corrects signs of early ageing
    • Antioxidants and antibacterial extracts promote a soft, natural and healthy complexion
  • Key ingredients
    • Aloe vera and ginkgo extracts soften, soothe and heal the skin
    • Citrus peel extracts stimulate the circulatory system, reducing inflammation and protecting against skin damage, as well as acting as an astringent to help revitalise damaged skin
    • Vitamins A, C, E and K all aid skin development and recovery
    • Menthol and peppermint extracts with antibacterial properties calm and defend the skin
  • Usage
    Squeeze a small amount onto fingertips and massage into face and neck. Rub thoroughly to stimulate absorption into skin and help invigorate the anti-ageing process.